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Paris Agency School

Photography and video workshops



We provide workshops all of the year with low prices to be accessible to all!

Photography workshops

Workshops for all provided by professionals throughout the year to learn and / or improve your skills.

Video workshops

Learn to use your camera with the video mode with the advice of a specialist to obtain quality results with limited resources.

Makeup workshops

Workshops for all to understand and mastering the art of makeup.

Training for professionals

Whether you are employed, Artisans or job seekers, we offer ongoing training tailored to your needs

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With about 600 members per year and hundreds of trainings and workshops that take place in Paris, and all over the world, Paris Agency School became in 3 years, a leader in France for workshops relative to photography and video.

De nombreuses formations vous sont proposées tout au long de l'année, comprenant des cursus pouvant aller de 8 à 140 Heures.

Many trainings are offered throughout the year, including courses ranging from 8 to 140 hours.

  • Photography
  • Video
  • WEB
  • Desktop publishing
All of our continuous trainings



Many companies have trusted us and train their staff in Paris Agency School. Here are some references:

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Whether you are a professional in the field of photography or communication, Developers, or even amateur wishing you develop with a team of passionate experts, Paris Agency School offers workshops and continuous training throughout the year you let your goals through a resolutely turned towards coaching and practical method. Continuous training of Paris Agency School will allow you to move whether it is your practice of photography, editing, graphic design or web development course with rare formations such as our Ruby On Rails.

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